Court Types

It is essential that your base is correct prior to installing the surface. We would always recommend having the base installed by the same entity installing the surface. This means should a problem occur for whatever reason, you have one port of call. We have built hundreds of courts over the years with constant success.

You may get a quote from a concreter or a road-base installer and believe this is a cheaper option; however, this is not always the case. We have been called in countless times to rectify bases which have not been installed incorrectly, failed industry standards or constructed without correct fall levels.

Roadbase Base:

Softest base to play on.
Best value for money.
Cheapest base option.
Easiest to fix should a problem occur later on down the track.
All our Roadbase bases are fully engineered designs to suit conditions throughout Australia, giving you peace of mind when choosing it as your base. The main reason Roadbase isn’t every court builders’ choice, is because it is not the easiest to install and a majority of other builders struggle with the installation of this base.
Not to worry, All Sports Projects has plenty of experience in this area and we’ve worked out the best technique for installation of an engineered design Roadbase court.

Concrete Base:

Most common base used throughout Australia.
Quick and easy system to install
A little more ridged than Roadbase
Harder base option than Roadbase (not the best choice for your families/players joints)
A more expensive option than Roadbase
Can dramatically increase in price with different soil conditions

Asphalt Base:

A softer base option than Concrete (even though it possesses some similar qualities to a concrete base)
Not available in all areas
Not suitable for all soil conditions

Sport Surfaces

Tennis Courts

Synthetic Grass

Whether amateur or professional, All Sport Projects has got you covered. We have been installing and building synthetic grass tennis courts for over 35 years – we consider ourselves a market leader. Now partnered with APT, using Omnicourt® Grass product with a manufacturer’s warranty of 7 years or an extended warranty to 10 years if required. With a proprietary hybrid emulsion secondary backing, you will have peace of mind that your court is designed, manufactured and built in Australia and to the highest standard to handle Australia’s harsh climate. Omnicourt® Super7 is registered as an Australian Made® product.

This Omnicourt® product uses the latest Polyethylene technology ensuring no ‘carpet burn’ when falling and is therefore also great for kids’ play.

Omnicourt® Super 7 is one of the best-selling tennis courts in the Asia Pacific region and especially in Queensland with the ability to last longer under our extreme conditions.
It offers unsurpassed value for money and is aesthetically pleasing with a wide colour palette available. No other yarn manufacturer can claim 25 YEARS of continuous exposure testing in the Australian Tropics.

An all-rounder, Omnicourt® Super 7 is great for a tennis court surface but also perfect as a multisport surface, so why not add a Basketball tower or a portable futsal goal and get another sport and maximum use from your asset.

All Sport Projects build tennis courts using a wide range of different surfaces. Our recommendation would be an, Omnicourt® Grass surface, by far the best surface for your family given it is softer on your joints.

Hard Court

Laykold Surface

Laykold is an acrylic sports surfacing system that can be customised to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Some Features of Laykold are:

The batch-mixing system has been simplified, resulting in superior quality control and a consistent surface pace regardless of location.
Versatile application – tennis, basketball, netball, multisport etc.

Cricket Synthetic Grass

The Shield polypropylene cricket grass is top of the range with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. We believe this product is the best value for money.

This great product is environmentally friendly, in that its yarns are heavy metal free. Its yarn is protected against UV degradation to the highest level as specified in the yarn manufacturer’s warranty.

Some great feature of having synthetic Cricket grass are:

  • Decreases the amount of injuries caused by divots in an uneven surface.
  • Delivers a level and even playing surface all year round, resulting in a reliable bounce.
  • This range has low pile height of 9mm and is used in high traffic areas.
  • Specifically made for cricket, this product produces the ideal cricket wicket.
  • A low maintenance product (no need to water, mow etc).
  • For both indoor and outdoor installation (quick drying).
  • Strong and durable.

Multipurpose Court

This is a great way to get more use out of your court. By simply adding line-marking and equipment to your court you can add Basketball, Netball, futsal etc and transform your court into a Multipurpose court.

Fun for the whole family or a great way to get everyone in your school involved in sports. Also Ideal for a mine site, public park or sports centre to get everyone involved in whichever sport they enjoy.

Benefits of having a Multipurpose Court:

  • More participants using the court.
  • The more people playing on your court the more fun they are having.
  • For Clubs – a greater choice of sports equals more people interesting in joining your club and potentially more revenue.

We are able to install multi-courts in a variety of surfaces, including Synthetic Grass and Hard Court.

All Sport Projects can design and construct a multicourt to suit all your needs, why not get in contact today and discuss which multicourt sport combo would best suit you and your needs. Whether it’s:

  • Tennis and Basketball / Netball (rotatable option available for dual use)
  • Tennis and Volleyball
  • Tennis and Futsal
  • Cricket and Futsal
  • And much more

CLUBS utilise your courts Day and Night – have you considered lighting your courts for night time play?


Basketball remains one of the most popular participation sports in Australia, having a larger participation base than cricket, rugby league and rugby union. This makes it an excellent sporting choice for you, your school, your local park or mine site recreational areas.

Typically constructed using a concrete or asphalt base using a hard court or synthetic grass surfaces. A lot of people assume that a synthetic grass surface isn’t suitable for the bounce of the basketball, however those days have long since passed. Our synthetic grass basketball courts can actually imitate the same play as that of a timber floor surface by reducing the sand levels. This is a great option for schools because synthetic grass is much better for joints and soft tissue owing to its lower impact in comparison to hard court surfaces.

All Sport Projects uses only quality products, offering you an excellent product outcome with the longest warranty available in this industry.

Practical for the backyard, half courts are a great way to play “one on one” to improve skills at home.


The ever growing popular game of Netball is played by over 20 million people in more than 80 countries and is a popular court to have installed in schools around Australia (usually combined with Basketball on a Multipurpose Court).

Similar to that of a Basketball surface, Netball is typically constructed using a concrete or asphalt base using hard court or synthetic grass surfaces. Many people assume that a synthetic grass surface isn’t suitable for Netball, however those day have long since passed. Our synthetic grass netball courts can actually imitate the same play as that of a timber floor surface by reducing the sand level, making it a great option to have in schools as synthetic grass is much better for your joints owing to its low impact in comparison to a hard court surface.

This in mind Netball Courts are usually installed using hard court surfaces. Ask us for a quote today.

Lawn Bowls

A great addition to every club and over 50’s resorts, lawn bowls is a fun and entertaining way to spend the day with family and friends.

With no specific size, Lawn Bowls can be designed to suit most areas, so ask us how we can best design and construct a bowling green for you and your guests.

Benefits of having our Synthetic Grass bowling greens:

  • Fun for the whole family and friends
  • Little maintenance and upkeep required (unlike natural turf)
  • Can also be used as a futsal surface should you wish to convert your area to allow for more participants (a great second revenue method)

Important information to consider:

Is your builder Licensed?
Having a builder who is knowledgeable in this area and who has built bowling greens before is essential. It is paramount that the base of your green is built perfectly level to ensure the best play. This can however make drainage an issue, especially in some areas of Australia where we can receive hundreds of millimetres of rain in short periods of time.

All Sport Projects have built numerous bowling greens throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are well equipped in the installation of Lawn Bowls.

Clubs utilise your courts Day and Night – have you considered lighting your courts for night time play?

Putt Putt Golf

Putt Putt/Mini Golf is fun for the whole family! It’s a great asset to all:

  • Resorts
  • Caravan Parks
  • Over 50’s resorts
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Even in your own back yard!

Our durable synthetic grass comes in many colours which can be custom designed to suit your needs. Having a combination of short putt putt grass and longer Landscaping grass, makes for a more interesting and complex game. Give us your dimensions and we can come up with a great design.

Our Putt Putt Courses are:

  • Fully Engineered Designs
  • Fully insured
  • Suppliers 5 year product warranty
  • All Sport Projects 6 year Workmanship Warranty

Don’t be fooled by some cheap installers, using poor quality products not designed to accommodate Australia’s harsh sun. Get quality, get professional, get All Sport Projects.

Court dimensions

(Dimensions including adequate run off)

Tennis Court:

  • 30m x 15m (minimum Court size)
  • 33m x 16m (most popular home size)
  • 34.8m x 17.1m (regular club size)
  • 36.6m x 18.3m (competition size)
  • 40.3 x 20.1m (stadium size)

Hot Shot (half court)

  • 9.5m x 18m (Half court)
  • 8.23m x 3m (Hot Shots –Level 1 – Red aged 4-7yrs)
  • 10.97m x 6m (Hot Shots – Level 2 – Red aged 8-10yrs)
  • 18.3 x 6.5m (Hot Shots –Level 3 – Orange aged 8-10yrs )
  • 23.8m x 8.25m (Hot Shots – Level 4 – Green aged 10+)


  • 32m x 19m (full size, including run off)


  • 34.5m x 19.25m (full size, including run off)
  • 36.5m x 21.25m (Competition size, including run off)

Care, Maintenance & Resurfacing

Synthetic Grass:

After the installation of your synthetic grass court, your court will require a service. This is usually done at the 3-6 month stage as your synthetic grass sand will be settling in. After that period you will need do a full service on the court each year, we also recommend that you get the court serviced as per manufactures specification or you can service the court yourself with a firm bristle broom e.g. Aussie Clean Sweep

Lack of grooming will cause sand to work its way from the playing surface to the outer perimeters of the court. This can result in poor sand-filling and irregular ball bounces, insufficient slide and an ungroomed court appearance.

To alleviate this problem regular sweeping should be carried out in dry conditions when the surface sand is dry (dependent upon court usage) suggested weekly, on average.

Recommended sand level should be approx. 2-3mm below the surface pile. This will give you a lush green surface and a medium to fast playability with a limited amount of slide. By increasing the sand from this level you will increase the speed of the ball and increase the amount of slide. The life of your surface may be shortened due to lack of grooming and correct incorrect levels of sand,

Remember: Good maintenance extends the life of your court and upholds your warranty.

Suggested Requirements:

Aussie Clean Sweep (to keep court clean)
Sabco Forman Polypropylene 24” broom – Available from most Hardware stores nationally
Existing sand on court