Draw Netting / Tennis Curtains / Perimeter Netting

Installing a draw net to your court is a great alternative to more permanent fixtures such as Chain-wire fencing etc. Some benefits of retractable netting are:

  • Doesn’t block your view like a permanent fence
  • Provides the same level of safety and convenience for spectators and players as fixed fencing
  • The ability to retract the netting to allow for more open space
  • Great for courts which are multipurpose and then down-sized for other sports (e.g. hot shots, volleyball & badminton)
  • Great for spaces which need to be opened up for functions etc.


All Sport Projects is a division of GW Fencing Pty Ltd, also owned by Geoff Walker. GW Fencing have been designing, manufacturing and installing not only tennis court fencing but a wide variety of fencing, including:

  • Chain wire fencing
  • Security Fencing
  • Commercial and Industrial Fencing
  • Sporting enclosures and fencing

Rest assured that you will have the best quality installation and value for money, as you’re getting it straight from the manufacturer. GW Fencing have also supplied fencing materials and installed tennis court fencing to numerous other sports installation companies, and have done so for over 35 years.

The most common tennis court fence is supply and install is a 3m high Black fencing with a Top rail PVC. However we also recommend the installation of a bottom rail for commercial installations to eliminate the fence from folding at the bottom. All of our fencing installations are engineered designs and built to the local standards or Australia Standards (if requested).

Fence Screens also available from All Sport Projects. This is a practical solution:

  • If you live in a windy area by reducing wind etc
  • If require some shade
  • If you require privacy from neighbours of the public.

We can also organise to have your company logo or your sponsors logo printed onto the fence screen – Great promotional material for passers-by.

Please ensure you have fence screens installed by a qualified and licenced builder. It may look and seem like an easy task to do yourself but these screens will put strain on your fence and need to be installed professionally. Doing it yourself could end up costing you dearly in the long run.


All Sport Projects specialise in the best lighting solutions for you. From tennis courts, bowling greens, netball courts, basketball courts, futsal (soccer) and other sports areas, we’ve got you covered.

Utilise your court as much as you can, add lights so you can play day and night!

Lighting is a great add on for all clubs as this is a practical way to attract extra revenue through night-time play.

With many different lighting options available, varying in price and with 5 years warranty, you can rest assured you will have the solution for you, including quality and professionalism you deserve.

Installing a new court but don’t think you can afford the lights right now? Why not install the light poles and then install the lights at a later stage. Installing the light poles at the beginning of a project while the base and fence is getting installed could save you thousands.