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all aport projects have been building a range of sports court surfaces for over 35 years.

Whether You Need Hard Court Or Synthetic Grass, We Have The Highest Quality & Longest Lasting Surfaces Available.

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synthetic grass surfaces

At All Sport Projects, we build tennis courts using a wide range of different surfaces. Our recommendation for families would be a synthetic grass sports surface, providing softer landings and much longer wear in Queensland’s tough conditions.

Depending on the sport there are numerous synthetic Grass options, each with a different texture / colours and Fibre length. For some sports you need to fully glue down the grass to the slab, where as with others it is sat on the slab, and only glued at the joins and then topped with sand.  Synthetic Grass can be laid over a multitube of court bases from Concrete / Road Base or Asphalt, it offers a Softer underfoot option, than a Hardcourt.  It is the ideal surface to use when upgrading old courts  [concrete & Roadbase etc] with cracks and wear and tear. There is generally a 7 year Product Warranty on Syn Grass, but you would generally get a far longer life span of up to 20 years.

synthetic grass gallery

acrylic hard courts

A Hardcourt  generally refers to a concrete court with an Acrylic Surface Coating[s]. A Hardcourt would generally be the most versatile court with families for all round use, such as kids playing on the court/riding bikes/playing cricket etc:  

Additional lines [multisport] can easily be added for other sports in various colours.

They do not require a great deal of maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a pressure cleaner. There is generally a 5 year product Warranty on an Acrylic Surface.

hard court gallery

polypropylene surfaces

Polypro cricket grass is top of the range and offers a 5 year warranty.

This product is environmentally friendly, in that its yarns are heavy metal free. A low pile height of 9mm makes this product ideal for high traffic areas and it’s specifically made for cricket, with grass yarns that are woven with polypropylene to stop them from breaking or getting ripped.

Cricket pitches that are protected using our polypro cricket grass are safer, more even and reliable. It’s less likely to cause injury and is durable.


Your court base will be prepared and laid by our expert team, ensuring a level playing surface that is solid and built to last in the tough Australian environment.




frequently asked questions

This is quite often not required, we will send you an email requesting information relating to your requirements. This can be for new courts or Refurbing an old courts. If you can provide Photos and a scope of works required, we will provide you a quotation. The quotation is based on a Class S or M soil report and a level base. For difficult sites a Site inspection is imperative upfront and we strongly recommend a site inspection where possible to confirm costing pre completion of any contract.

Generally we can provide a quotation within 48 hours or with more complicated projects allow a week.

The size of a court can vary quite considerably based on available area to Budget. All sports courts have specified play areas as defined by the sport, but the surround run off area can vary. For example the lines for a tennis court are 23.77 x 10.97m but with runoff a small court range is 30 x 15m to a club Court size of 34.8 x 17.1 to a Stadium Court size of 36.6 x 18.3m.

Depending on the base and surface finish, the court construction period will range from 4 to 8 weeks in general.

The type of surfaces available will often depend on what your court base is constructed of. The surfacing range varies from highly durable acrylic sports paint to synthetic grass and multilayered cushion systems.

This is dependant on your needs / ground conditions / Budget etc: Generally speaking a concrete slab that is built to suit the soil classification is the most versatile and long lasting. Alternatively a road Base slab built again to suit the ground conditions is a cost effective and suitable base for a syn grass base. It is essential that there are no Scrubs / Trees within a 5m radius of the court unless there is a suitable root barrier system placed around the court perimeter, or roots will grow under the synthetic grass surface. Asphalt / Bitumen is also another reasonably cost effective alternative but if placing a Acrylic surface to the court shrinkage cracks can appear due the nature of the product, as it expands and contracts with weather conditions.

Yes this is essential as the ground conditions will be critical in the Engineers specifications.

It is very important that there is a taper over the court of approx 1% to ensure water does not stay on the court.

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