Choosing the right style of court surface

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Choosing the right style of court surface

Synthetic Grass

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Synthetic grass is one of the most ideal and versatile sport surfaces for either indoor or outdoor courts.

Synthetic grass are utilised world wide and are a chosen favourite for resorts, sports clubs, residential and elite athletes. These surfaces are specifically come in many colours and are designed to suit the location and sport which offers aesthetically pleasing professional grade surfaces. These surfaces are soft underfoot which is pleasing on a players joints, while the surface delivers a firm footing and quick play.

After installing a synthetic grass court, specially graded synthetic grass sand is groomed into the surface which offers comfort, speed and durability to the court.

All Sport Projects Synthetic Grass surfaces are all Australian made and are complimented with a minimum 7 year warranty. These surfaces require minimal maintenance and when properly maintained offer up to 15yearsof effective game play.


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A “Hard Courts” is the most common playing surface in Australia. The base of a hard court is commonly constructed from asphalt or concrete and typically offers a fast surface layer that allows players to be more aggressive with their shots.

As the name suggest, a “Hard Court” can be more difficult on your joints because they do not absorb impact as well as a synthetic grass court would but in return offers the quickest game play and bounce available.  These courts when correctly constructed, are incredibly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic associated with continuous large-scale gameplay. Because of this reason many professional tournaments take place on hard courts, and many residential courts are built using acrylic hard court surface so that they are long lasting and low maintenance.

Hard court bases are complimented with multiple layers of specialised acrylic sports paint which is made withstand the intense sports play and the harsh Australian environment. Our Acrylic surface coatings offer excellent adhesion to the base and remains a flexible, scuff resistant and stable surface coating which has been used in international tournaments for more than 20 years. This court and surface type remains an industry leading, high performance solution for basketball, tennis, netball, pickleball and multisport courts. This system comes in more than 12 colours and can be combined to create vibrant professional courts.

‍Matting and Cushioned Surfaces

Combining comfort and performance, sports matting systems are the premium surface covering on the market. These surfaces are designed to absorb the greatest amount of shock and to handle the lifestyle of elite level athletes.

As the chosen surface type of the Australian Open since 2008, this matting is the best surface solution for competitive play and physical wellness. A study by Hawk Eye Statistics in 2017 found that this surface type at the Australian Open delivered faster court pace than any other court surface including the natural grass of Wimbledon and the Clay of Roland- Garros in Paris. The CPI (Speed index of the sports matting surface) returned a score of 43 out 50, making this surface type the fastest game play of any of the international tennis opens.

Unlike other surface coatings, the installation of this surface requires a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that these systems are installed by trusted, certified and experienced installers.

This surface is a market leader and is one of the most desired choices for the professional player, but as expected requires regular but minimal maintenance. It is recommended that thi system only be installed in areas protected to the outside environment or where regular cleaning with domestic fresh water is possible.

Scottish Grandeur And Vibrance At The Cromlix HotelaDiscover your surface

There are so many different types of courts and surface options available. Before you start to warm up,  you need to consider the factors surrounding your court; these include the location; is it indoors? Outdoors? are trees or plants surrounding the area? Do you need approval to construct? How often will I play? What level of game play?

These questions and aspects will often guide you on which court and surface type if best to suit your needs. With each surface having different characteristics and playing styles, it is important to discover what kind of surface you will enjoy before construction, start off by playing at lots of different centres and finding out which suits you best.

The final step is to call the team at All Sport Projects.  

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