Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops vs In Ground Rings – What’s better?

Wall Mounted Basketball Hoops vs In Ground Rings – What’s better?

Considering building your own backyard basketball court? Then you might want to know about the difference between a wall mounted basketball hoop and an in ground ring.

Ring choice is important because it will decide the overall space needed for your court, where you’ll lay your line markings, including the free throw line, and what sort of foundations you might need.

The ring is the first decision you’ll need to make when setting up your own home basketball court so here we break down the two options to help you decide which is right.

Wall mount basketball hoop

A wall mount ring or freestanding basketball hoop, is as the name suggests, a hoop that is attached to a wall or stands on its own base and pole.

These are great because they’re relatively inexpensive and quick to set up. Their convenience means you can move the ring position easily if you’re using a freestanding ring. You won’t need to renovate a space into a complete outdoor basketball court for these rings either.

The key with wall mounts is making sure you get the right basketball ring height when installing, since it’s difficult to adjust once it’s affixed.

If you’re choosing a wall mount option, make sure the wall you’re using is load bearing and strong enough to handle anything that a game of basketball might throw at it. Likewise with a freestanding ring, adequate weight and stability should be applied to the base to keep things safe.

Ultimately, a wall mount or freestanding basketball rim are a more temporary solution. Their convenience factor means they’re not as long lasting as an in ground ring.

‍Inground basketball ring

The first thing to know is that inground basketball systems are stronger and more durable than freestanding basketball hoops or wall mounted rings.

An in-ground ring means the pole is dug into the ground and fixed in place. They are typical of most basketball courts that you’d find nearby or at a place like a high school.

If you’re after a more permanent solution for a home court, an in ground is your best bet for helping fulfill those hoop dreams.

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