How much space do I need for my tennis court?

How much space do I need for my tennis court?

Forget the frustration of finding a local tennis court to go for a hit, with All Sport Projects, you can have your very own professional tennis court to play on whenever you like.

Equipment wise, tennis is quite simple –all you need is a racquet, tennis balls and a court.

Local tennis courts often suffer from a severe lack of maintenance. You may be forced to play on an asphalt surface or even without a net!

Installing a tennis court on your property gives you the freedom to practice whenever you like. With the added bonus of a bump in property value!

A common question that most people have is “how much space do I need for a tennis court”. The size of your tennis court depends on what you want to use it for.

Whether you are looking to play competitively or simply have a fun game with friends there are a few considerations you need to take into account.

The court needs at least 2 meters of unobstructed width on each side and 4 meters of unobstructed length on each end—so if the area where you want to build your court cannot accommodate this then there may not be enough room for a regulation-sized court.

You should also consider whether any trees or other obstacles might impede play once the surface has been laid (and whether those trees or obstacles would be worth keeping).

The best way to figure out the right size for your space is first by identifying what kind of tennis player you are: casual or competitive? If you’re just playing some tennis with friends after work, then an amateur court will work just fine. If it’s something more serious and competitive, then you may want to consider an elite or professional court.

In addition to figuring out who and what kind of player you are, there are some other things that determine the size of your court: budget; family size and other backyard activities (barbeque anyone?).

Dimensions wise, an Amatuer court starts at 28 x 15, and an Elite is 30 x 17 and a Professional is 37 x 18.

Once you’ve decided your court size, it’s time to choose your court design! The team at All Sports Projects will help every step of the way.

Our courts provide the best playing surface for tennis which has premium quality bounce, shock absorption, quick drying and ready to be played on all-year round under any conditions, inside or out.

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